“Art is born from even the most grotesque and horrific human experience. 

Art is creation and creation is beautiful. 

This helps me stomach even the most unpalatable in the world.”

I am an emerging Canadian artist and a ‘Jack of all arts’.  For most of my life music was my passion and main creative outlet.  I spent several years playing rock, folk, blues and jazz in Canada’s best kept secret music mecca, Kingston Ontario.  My gypsy heart took me to beautiful British Columbia in 2001 where music took a back stage for several years as I gravitated towards the quieter art forms of writing and painting.  I found solace in painting during a dark period, bringing me light and freedom like no other.  It has proved to be one of my greatest companions.

I work mainly in acrylic and my paintings have a distinctive Pop Art, Urban feel, with a touch of surrealism.  2016 took me deeper into art as the political and social climate became increasingly heated and polarizing.  I am a strong feminist and humanist with a love for diversity and continuing faith in humanity which is reflected in my work.